Can I post events for free?

Yes! It’s free to post any event on RSVP. When your guests hit the RSVP button or purchase tickets, they will receive a friendly email reminder two days prior to the event letting them know that your event is coming up.

How much does it cost to use RSVP?

It's FREE to post any event on RSVP. For live streams, RSVP charges a fee of 1% + $1.00 per donation. For ticketed events, RSVP charges a fee of 1.75% + $1.25 per ticket. Additionally, Stripe charges varying card processing fees dependent upon the purchaser's country. In the United States the fee is 2.9% + $0.30. (Please see Stripe's fees listed on their website under Pricing.) These fees are rolled into one price for the ticket buyer at checkout for a streamlined checkout experience. As the host, you can either absorb the fees or increase your ticket price to pass fees onto the purchaser.

How do I get paid?

RSVP is integrated with Stripe Connect. When you host your first ticketed event on RSVP, you will be prompted to sign up with Stripe for free before submitting your event. Once you’re connected to Stripe, you’ll receive payments directly into your bank account according to the payment structure you choose. Stripe offers you a personalized dashboard and allows you to customize your payout dates. You can get paid as soon as 1 day following any ticket sales. You don't have to wait until after the event to get paid!

If I’m selling tickets to my event on another site or at the door, can I still post my event on RSVP?

Yes! When you add your event, you’re given the option to include the url to wherever you’re selling tickets or note that tickets are available at the door. All pricing and refund policies are held by the ticketing company processing tickets for your event.

How do I RSVP to an event?

It’s easy! Just tap or click the RSVP button on your favorite event. Once it’s pink, you’re on the host’s RSVP list. You'll receive a friendly email reminder two days prior to the event so you won't miss out!

Can I cancel my RSVP?

Yes, it’s just as easy as RSVPing! Click that pink RSVP button and when it’s no longer pink, you are no longer on the host’s RSVP list.

How do private events work?

When you add a private event, RSVP assigns your event an auto-generated 5-digit code (which appears in the event’s url). Before submitting your event, you must choose a secret password that guests enter when they visit your event's url. This offers two layers of protection. Another feature you can activate is the location release countdown. (This is found under Edit Event, Venue. Check the box to hide location.) Private events are not searchable in our database. For promotion, it’s up to the host and their guests’ discretion to spread the 5-digit event code (or url) and secret password via social networks or texts. We recommend sharing these two items in two different places to protect the location. We offer the option to turn off the share button for very private affairs. If you're interested in hosting a private event on RSVP and have questions, please contact us at

How does the location release countdown work?

When a host hides the location of their event, a countdown to the timed location release begins. Approximately three hours prior to the event, all guests who have RSVP'd or purchased tickets will receive an email with the location details. Please note that you must sign up in order to RSVP or purchase a ticket.

How do public events work?

When public events are added they are available for all to see. Anyone with the url will be able to view event details, RSVP, or buy tickets.

How do I get a refund?

Refunds from tickets sold on RSVP are only granted if an event host cancels an event. If you are concerned with getting a refund in any other scenario, you must contact the event host and work with them directly. If the tickets came from any other vendor (i.e. Eventbrite, Resident Advisor, etc.) you must work with the refund policies set by those companies. Refunds on RSVP are for ticket value only and do not include fees.

How is privacy addressed on RSVP?

We view personal privacy as a crucial part of our company mission. Your activity on RSVP is part of your digital identity. We do not sell your activity or your data to any organization, government, or corporation. Privacy overall is important to us which is why we offer a suite of Private Event features. Please contact us with any questions at

When can we expect more features?

We are working on building out many more features and will roll them out as we can. To keep updated, sign up for our mailing list:

How do I send feedback?

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